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“…...technically brilliant, with bravura performances from the three dancers.....”

Peter Burdon, The Advertiser 2018

“experienced dancers Rosalie Cocchiaro, Jessica Statham and Chachy Penalver recite the flamenco rule book in a dazzling display with pin-point rhythm, feet and hands alike, and stunning, elegant braceo.”
The Advertiser, Tablao 2016

“….....a tumultuous and exciting display of passionate Spanish traditional culture you are unlikely to see anywhere else and it is wonderful. Quickest and best value for money trip to Spain available. Goosebumps a-plenty.” 
Glam Adelaide

"Last nights show of Tablao had colour, passion, intensity & drama & the whole thing was both exciting & moving."
Whats on in Adelaide

“From the very first, it was clear that this was really exciting Flamenco – the three women in unison, their zapateado – foot stamping – meticulous, precise, neat, and with no blurring; rapid turns, sudden stops, immediate rapport with the audience in the intimate space of Gluttony’s Speakeasy.......But that only concentrated the attention on the dancing itself – by turns seductive, graceful, vehement, amusing – and always superbly controlled.”
Alan Brissenden, Tablao 2016

"…visually stunning, the Zapateado intense, forthright and precise, 
the moves elegant, poised, simmering with sensuality." 

Ian Newton, RipItUp 2014